These Links are Provided as a Service of The Nutrition Science Site

     Understanding Nutrition by E.N. Whitney
     Food Recipes and such
     Food Reference Website: A fun, food-lovers site Nutrition, with emphasis on glyconutritional supplementation
     NIH's Menu Planner
     NIH's Office of Dietary Supplements
     USDA's Food and Nutrition Information Center
     USDA's Phytochemical Database


     Free Medical Journals: Links page for journals that can be accessed free of charge
     Google: Our favorite site for general searches (also great for spell-checking!)
     Health Links: Search health sites by category
     Health on the Net (HON) Foundation: Search HON-certified sites
     National Agriculture Library: Literature search
     PubMed: The National Library of Medicine's Medical Journal Search Engine


     American Society for Nutrition Over 100 Open Access journals covering all areas of Biology and Medicine
     GlycoScience & Nutrition: Peer-reviewed, nutrition journal, with emphasis on glyconutrition
     Journal of the American Medical Association
     Public Library of Science: Published science free for everyone


     Biology Dictionary
     Drug Information: Information provided by National Institutes of Health (NIH)
     Medical Dictionary
     Merriam-Webster Dictionary
     Taber's Medical Encyclopaedia


     American Association of Poison Control Centers
     American Heart Association
     CDC's National Center for Health Statistics: National health statistics
     National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
     National Library of Medicine and NIH: Guide to health information
     U.S. Food and Drug Administration
     WHO: International public health information (World Health Organization)


     American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology
     American Autoimmune Diseases Organization
     American Diabetes Association
     American Medical Association: Patient Education Page
     Canadian Health Network: How to stay healthy and prevent disease (in French and English)
     CDC: The Centers for Disease Control Web site on U.S. public health information/disease statistics
     Institute for Safe Medicine Practices
     Merck Manual - 2nd Home Edition: Useful information about drugs and disease
     National Cancer Institute
     National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine
     NIH's AIDS site


     American Botanical Council: Herbal Information
     Council for Responsible Nutrition: Trade Association representing the dietary supplement industry
     U.S. Agricultural Research Service's Phytochemical Databases


     Green Tips for Consumers
     Environmental Working Group: Thoroughly researched information about environmental concerns


     Proevity: Continued Medical Education for Glycoscience